Is Tap Water Harming Your Plants?

House plants need water free of impurities such as minerals and chemicals. How does your tap water rate? 

The advantage of using water from the tap is that it's cheap and readily available. However, if the tap water is loaded with minerals or chemicals, it can harm plants. 

Chlorine, for example, is bad for plants. If you smell chlorine in your tap water, let the water sit for 24 hours before using it on your plants.

If you have hard water with excessive amounts of minerals (mostly magnesium and calcium), these can also harm your plants.   

Some people buy bottled water for their houseplants, which can become unnecessarily expensive. Instead, collect rainwater for your plants, and call us. If you don’t want to feed it to your houseplants, you probably shouldn’t drink it either! 302-732-9002 


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