Is Excessive Iron in Your Water?

If you see rusty, orange water coming out of your faucet, chances are that you’re dealing with high levels of iron in your water. 

Even if you don’t see rusty water, you could have iron that is practically invisible or appears as tiny flakes in your glass. Even small amounts of clear water iron can cause rust stains on your sink and fixtures after the water has dried.

Don’t panic if you think you have iron in your water. Iron is not considered to have harmful side effects to your health, but it definitely has negative impacts on your water quality. Iron can make your home’s water appear very unappealing and it can also cause other household problems.

High iron content makes drinking water, coffee, and teas taste metallic. Food cooked in water with iron may have an odd flavor and can become discolored.

Iron in your water can also affect other areas of your home. Iron can stain fabric in your laundry and can leave stains on sinks and toilets.  On a more serious note, iron can lead to plumbing issues because it can build up inside pipes. Iron can also clog water treatment equipment with its residue.

Iron appears in water in different forms, and there are several ways we can improve your water quality with in-home water treatment solutions. Please call us for more information!



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