Is Your Well Water Actually WELL?


Is your well water safe to drink?  That completely depends on what’s in the water.  Evaluating the quality of drinking water from a private well makes sense and should be done on a regular basis.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that if you have a private well, you test your water periodically to ensure it is safe to drink. Minimally, it’s a good idea to test on an annual basis for bacteria and nitrates.

A consideration in keeping your well water safe is to keep all human activities a safe distance from your well. This includes things like a septic tank, livestock, farm areas where fertilizer and manure are stored, as well as fuel tanks. All of these things can leak dangerous materials into your well and ultimately into your drinking water.

Know the possible threats in your area that could affect your well. Some sources of pollution are easy to detect simply by standing at the well-head and looking, listening and smelling what is nearby.  However, many serious problems can be found only by testing your water.  

After testing your well water, your solutions will depend on the severity of the contamination. Solutions can include identifying and removing the source of contamination, installing water treatment devices to remove the contamination, or even using another water source (for example city water).

Be aware of the potential risks to your well, take measures to prevent the obvious ones, and periodically test for dangers you may not know about. Call us for help! We can test your water and help you find the correct solution to correcting any water issues. 302-732-9002


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